The Attic Ends Kills The Bowery...

Model, actress & all-around hot girl Sammantha Rex is also the lead singer for the Brooklyn-based alternative band "The Attic Ends", which killed the Bowery Ballroom this past Saturday night.. If I had to describe their sound it would be somewhat a blend of Bjork and The Cranberries.. They're a really dope group and you should totally check them out, you wont be disappointed.. Plus Sammy Rex is totally ILLYORKER material ,see for yourself... 
Sammy Rex

Sammy in the Heineken "Date" Commercial

Sammy Rex's Maxim Photoshoot

HOME by The Attic Ends

Band Members
Samantha Rex -- Vocals
Pete Hur -- Guitar
Bob King -- Drums
Jan Christiansen -- Keys


  1. attic ends rocked it this saturday!!!

    i had a great time, they passed out treats as well!! :)

  2. Word, I almost forgot about that, the treats were the best!..

  3. Anonymous18/1/12 00:57

    lol...yum -Sammy the baker