Rover Spy Tank


The Rover Spy Tank is App-Controlled by your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.. It generates its own Wi-Fi wireless connection for your smart device (no frequency interference!). The tank has a camera that streams live video and takes still photos, while a built-in microphone transmits sound back to you. It has a wireless range of up to 200 feet unobstructed and up to 100 ft. around walls into other rooms, plus infrared night vision for late night missions.. Navigate it with the on-screen driving arrows or use the G-Drive Mode that uses your device’s accelerometer like a steering wheel in your hand. To get started, simply download the Free App from the iTunes App Store.. This Remote Control Vehicle is Designed and Manufactured by Brookstone and goes by the model number AC13...  Buy it here for just $150!... To see the Rover doing it’s secret agent duties, please view the video at the bottom...

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