Engrave That On My Crankset!

If you haven't yet seen an engraved crankset or some NJS component leaked on the web recently, then you have to see this right here, right now...

Here is an exclusive preview of the beautifully engraved bicycle parts coming straight from L’Atelier des vélos... The Tomasini bicycle is the #1 from the Tommasini x ADV Limited edition series... Quentin (ADV owner) wanted to build a unique piece using Campagnolo, Nitto NJS parts with something "different & new", so he asked his friend and craftsman Christophe to add some arabesques on each parts... The results are these super crazy engravings of a Nitto Stem and Campy C-Record cranks and seatpost... The artwork is amazing, and he is now thinking about a possibility for people to get this on their own bicycle parts... How sick is this?!?!

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  1. Anonymous14/4/13 16:31

    I first saw this on somebody's tumblr page, so glad to see original source. Absolutely amazing and fabulous.