Least air resistance raises the limit of speed... (more after the jump)

Cherubim master builder Shin-Ichi Konnon with his concept track bike ''Air Line"

 "Aerodynamics is the largest theme in bicycle history all the time", says Konnon. "Cherubim created this bike by breaking the regulations and traditional concepts... because we believe this is the only way to expand the horizon of bicycle design... We’re too wedded to the traditional diamond-shaped bike, Air Line presents the new possibility for the race like the Hour Record and Velodrome time trials." 

 Konno comes from an illustrious line of Japanese framebuilders. His father started Cherubim in the 1960s, and his uncles were the creative talents behind San Rensho and Miyuki, famed for their Keirin-certified track bikes... And even thou it comes at no surprise to see someone like him pull off such a sick design, I really gotta give it to him this thing looks amazing!!

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  1. Anonymous5/2/13 19:53

    Has anyone ridden the bike or is it just for looks?