Lotus Exige Scuderia

Lotus Exige is a rocket on the track, combining mind-blowing speeds with superb handling dynamics. It isn’t, however, suitable for daily use. Its stiff suspension and lack of luxury and convenience features make sure of that. So if you're looking for a car whose sole purpose is to dominate the racetrack or canyon roads, look no further... (Read more)

The Lotus Exige S features a supercharged 1.8-litre DOHC engine with variable valve timing, and it will produce 220 to 260 horse power. Despite the wide variations of Exige models, the owner of this Exige still wanted something more, and something different. So with this being said, we introduce to you the Exige Scuderia. A custom body kitted model with a rear diffuser and a huge wing. There is a KOMO-TEC S300 Phase 3 intercooler upgrade kit and this bumps power up to 300-hp... The Exige S is also available in North America...


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  2. But, it is fly nevertheless! Tigueraso!