Major Taylor "The Black Cyclone" (1878-1932)

Way before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, there was Marshall "Major" Taylor. This brother made and broke world records and overcame racial discrimination everywhere he went. Taylor was the first African-American athlete to ever achieve the level of world champion. He was The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World. I truly admire this man's practice of great sportsmanship and 'clean living'.

A DOZEN DONT'S by Major Taylor
  • Don't try to "gyp." 
  • Don't be a pie biter. (* See note at bottom of page) 
  • Don't keep late hours. 
  • Don't use intoxicants. 
  • Don't be a big bluffer. 
  • Don't eat cheap candies. 
  • Don't get a swelled head. 
  • Don't use tobacco in any form. 
  • Don't fail to live a clean life. 
  • Don't forget to play the game fair. 
  • Don't take an unfair advantage of an opponent. 
  • Don't forget the practice of good sportsmanship. 
* Note - In the track races of Major Taylor's era, teaming and cooperation between riders to physically block or "pocket" a strong rider was forbidden. Major Taylor was often a victim of these corrupt practices. The term "pie biter" probably refers to a rider who agrees to block a stronger rider in exchange for a share of the purse. 

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